Why to use ATAM

Why to use ATAM

If you are not using ATAM method (fromarly or informaly) --> It means you are not validating whether architecture decision is right for requirement or not.  Following things can happen

  • Define architecture /design in which team has past experience
  • Build not required software component
  • Build favorite solution/yechnology
  • Ordered more than required hardware (or vice versa)
  • Ordered hardware that is not suiable for need
  • Delay, High Cost, Rework

Do you want to realize these mistake after architecture is built or before?

ATAM objective is to identify these factors in advance.

When to fix Architecture Issues

Do you want to execute on project.  Then identify architecture issues and fix it.   Many project get completed this way.  But they are costly.

Instead use ATAM method.  Use ATAM method immediately after architecture is defined.  Determine the issues and ensure right decision are taken.  If trade off are taken - all parties will be aware of trade-offs and consquences.

When to use ATAM

You should use ATAM method immediately after architecture is designed.  You should have clear business requirement and a software architecture document.

IF business requirements are not clear, it means you do not know what to design for.

If business requirements are clear but software architecure document is not writtem - you do not know what to evaluate for.

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